Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Short review of "The Law"

My second daughter created a reading program for this summer. She is going to read a biography each week. Additionally she asked me for suggestions on informative and educational books to read. The first book I suggested was The Law by Frederic Bastiat.

Here is her review:

Last week, I read a book called The Law by Frederic Bastiat.

It was about government. One of my favorite points argued was that liberty is a God given right, not a government given one.

Another main part was about Socialism and why we really don’t want that type of government. I would highly recommend this book to anyone learning about politics.

Maybe if more people read books like this, our government wouldn’t be in the sorry state it is in.

She just finished Animal Farm yesterday and plans to write her review tomorrow. Next on her list is Parkinson's Law.

It is going to be a good summer.

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Anonymous said...

Have you covered the Uncle Eric books?

jessica said...

Great job M! Nice little review. I will check out that book.

Henry Cate said...

Anonymous - We have "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?" I don't think we've read any others. Next Monday when we go to the library I'll check another out.

Jessica - thanks for the compliment. I've passed it on to M.