Friday, June 11, 2010

I wish I had meet this janitor

Damon Dunn just won the Republican primary for California Secretary of State. I watched his video last week:

The thing I was struck by was a life turing event for him in school. He had gotten in trouble and the teacher put Damon out in the hall. (Check out the video at 2:00) While there a janitor came by. The janitor asked Damon to look into the classroom and tell him what he saw. Damon didn't say anything. The janitor said "I see kids learning to be your boss." He didn't want anyone being his boss so Damon resolved to take education seriously and eventually went to Stanford on a football scholarship. He later played in the NFL.

I wonder if that janitor ever knew the profund effect he had?

This reminds me of the comic strip Frazz, about a janitor at a school.

(Anyone know how to tell Youtube to start a video at a certain point?)

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