Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great video on motivation

My mother sent me a link to this great video of Dan Pink on Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us:

This is worth watching with your children.

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Sebastian said...

Very interesting. I was reminded of the Boy Scouts that I work with. I can tell a difference in creative and well planned outcomes when someone is planning a project because they are passionate about it and when someone is doing it because they have to to get an achievement award completed (rank or merit badges).
The more purpose that we can put into the situation the more they rise to the occasion. And a big part of the trick is to get the adults (who sometimes act as management) to get out of the way.

Luke said...

I remember seeing the TED talk. The animation addition is fascinating. Very important ideas here!


Henry Cate said...

Sebastian - My father has frequently made similar comments, that it is hard for most adults to find the balance of giving the boys support and direction, without taking over.

Luke - you might check out Dan Pinko's book. When my current stack of books gets a bit short I probably will get it at the library.