Monday, May 24, 2010

We are nearing the end!!!

This morning my oldest daughter reported that she has just one more week of math, two more weeks of some online courses, and three more weeks of everything else. On June 11th our family will be done with another academic year!!! Yeah!

Traditionally in the summer we relax on the math, history and english. Janine will take a bit of a break, and then start preparing for the next school year.

I will step up my homeschooling involvment. I will give out random assignments. For example several times I've had our girls memorize some poems. The older girls are asked to read, or sometimes reread, various books. My oldest daughter has read How to Read a Book twice. My second daughter has only read it once, so some time this summer I'll have her read it again.

This year I'm going to have them do yardwork. I want to plant some blueberries in the backyard, they'll do a lot of the work. We have been thinking about getting a few chickens, so we may have them prepare a corner in the garden.

We're really not even half way through our homeschooling adventure. About the time our oldest heads off for college Baby Bop will formally be starting his education.

But it is nice to wrap up a chapter.

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