Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get some candy, go to detention

Judy Aron recently posted on Facebook a link to Jolly Rancher lands Brazos ISD third-grader in detention for a week:

ORCHARD, Texas – A third-grader at Brazos Elementary was given a week’s detention for possessing a Jolly Rancher.
School officials in Brazos County are defending the seemingly harsh sentence. The school’s principal and superintendent said they were simply complying with a state law that limits junk food in schools.
But the girl’s parents say it’s a huge overreaction.
“I think it’s stupid to give a kid a week’s worth of detention for a piece of candy,” said Amber Brazda, the girl’s mother. "The whole thing was just ridiculous to me."
Leighann Adair, 10, was eating lunch Monday when a teacher confiscated the candy. Her parents said she was in tears when she arrived home later that afternoon and handed them the detention notice.


The state allows parents to send candy with their children, but the school was upset that Leighann got a piece of candy from a friend.

Mind boggling.

I hope the parents consider pulling their daughter from school. With homeschooling the parents would never have to worry about their daughter having a piece of candy. (At least for now, who knows what kind of crazy laws the government will be passing in the future.)

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Anonymous said...

The author should be given detention for misspelling said word -
In a blog about education, spelling mistakes do not make for a great impression.

Henry Cate said...

Thanks for pointing out the misspelling. I've fixed it.

In my defense, I was taught spelling at public schools. I've been trying to recover ever since.

christinemm said...

That candy story is ridiculous.

It is common for kids to want to trade stuff and for them to sneak a bit. Big whoop.

A larger crime is the crap they serve in school cafeterias and call it a healthy lunch. Have you seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? And there is a blog where a teacher is eating the school lunch every day and telling about it.

stringsofpurls said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! We are all trying to recover aren't we? Let's hope many decide to do better by their kids and let them learn to think critically.