Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What next?

I just had to roll my eyes and groan when I saw this headline.

It’s a sad day for Happy Meals in Santa Clara County

Happy Meal toys and other promotions that come with high-calorie children's meals will soon be banned in parts of Santa Clara County unless the restaurants meet nutritional guidelines approved Tuesday by the county Board of Supervisors.

"This ordinance prevents restaurants from preying on children's' love of toys" to sell high-calorie, unhealthful food, said Supervisor Ken Yeager, who sponsored the measure. "This ordinance breaks the link between unhealthy food and prizes."

This is another example of how parents are being marginalized. Big Brother will take care of everything, so parents don't have to be bothered to say "no" to a whiny kid.

I sent an email off to Ken Yeager*, who by the way is single and childless, to let him know what an idiot I think he is. Actually, I was very good. I didn't use the word idiot even once.

(* I've included the link to his web page, in case you want to call or send an email).

Here's what I sent:

What next? Let's ban Twinkies in the grocery store?

That's sarcasm if you can't tell.

Your disdain for parents is evident.

I personally don't care for Happy Meals and don't buy them for my children. But, that is my choice to make, not yours. What my children eat is not your business nor the business of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.

It is evident by this "Happy Meal" ordinance that you have no concept of good government policy or the role of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.

This may be a insignificant little ordinance, but it sets a dangerous precedent.

Your opponent in the next election will be receiving a large donations from me.

Have a nice day.

Janine Cate
Mother of 4.

It's won't make any difference. "Vision of the Anointed" types are so sure that they know best, there is no reasoning with them.


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sylvanhomeschool said...

This whole thing is crazy. What will they think of next? Banning playgrounds and waterparks? (After all, a kid might get hurt.)

They won't be satisfied until they have complete control of our lives.

The Lois Lowry book called The Giver is a chilling preview to what they're after.