Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do you like to travel? But want to avoid hotels and motels?

My mother sent me a link to VRBO. The site is a clearing house for people who are willing to rent their homes to people on vacation. They claim to have 130,000 homes listed.

A couple times we have several weeks or a month in another city. It was a real hassle to locate and arrange our extended vacations. This might be an easier way to do, though it does look a little expensive.

Anyone tried this service?

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christinemm said...

There is another service where you swap homes with the other homeowner. You visit France, they visit your hometown etc.

We have not done that. The idea of strangers being in my home and able to use everything of mine is a bit undesirable.

Henry Cate said...

We would love to travel more. We love to spend a month at a location. We've found that you get to know the area much better. It isn't as rushed. With 30 days you go see stuff when you want. When we've visited for a couple days we always feel more rushed. Only 72 more hours to cram everything in.

But I agree with you. We've been reluctant to open our house to total strangers. I think most people are pretty decent, but...