Thursday, February 11, 2010

Georgia is having trouble giving tests

Suspicious test scores widespread in state starts with:

One in five Georgia public schools faces accusations of tampering with student answers on last spring’s state standardized tests, officials said Wednesday, throwing the state’s main academic measure into turmoil.
The Atlanta district is home to 58 of the 191 schools statewide that are likely to undergo investigations into potential cheating. Another 178 schools will probably see new test security mandates, such as stepped-up monitoring during testing.
The findings singled out 69 percent of Atlanta elementary and middle schools — far more than any other district — as needing formal probes into possible tampering.


I struggled a bit with the math. There seemed to be a contradiction.

I read it again and realized that it is 20% state wide of all public schools, while it is 69% of Atlanta elementary and middle schools.

It looks like things are rotten in Atlanta.

(Hat tip: Betsy's page)

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Kim said...

It is a shame that the schools have come to this. I live in metro-Atlanta & my son went to public school for awhile. The pressure they put on the kids is unbelievable for the CRCT which is the state test here. Even with the Ga Virtual Academy which is their version of public homeschooling, they only care if your kid passes the CRCT. No emphasis on science or history, my son's favorite subjects. Add this to one Atlanta county that lost its accredidation a few years back & the high school students couldn't even graduate because of wonder why homeschooling is so popular here!