Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Double the pain - make the victum move out of school

Rubinc in nyc reports of sad situation. Three girls beat up a fourth girl. It is so savage the police are called in. What does the school do?

It’s frustrating, because the girl who got jumped has been in our school since Kindergarten and has never been a problem. The three bullies have all transferred to our school in the past couple years, and have all been suspended multiple times for bullying and fighting. But the DOE’s policy about bullying is transfer the victim, not the aggressors - how ridiculous is that?? This girl has grown up in our school and hasn’t done anything wrong, and it’s like the want to punish her for being victimized. And these new girls, who the school has done everything they can with, get to stay and continue terrorizing weaker kids.

It is yet another reason to homeschool.

(Hat tip: Joanne Jacobs)

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MrsMamaHen said...

Wow. That is so sad.

Luke said...



Henry Cate said...

One of the comments on Joanne Jacobs' post explains some of the reasons why they often transfer the victim out:

"Once it starts, it’s hard to stop. Having a child who was bullied in middle school–social, “mean girls” stuff, mentally, not physically harmed–I agree with the policy. After it starts, that child is seen as a victim by the entire school community. Even if the aggressors are moved, that child will be a target for others. Someone else will step into that role. The bullies may have friends who would blame her, and try to hurt her, to avenge their transferred friends."

Maybe the right answer is to transfer all the girls out. Stick the three bullies into some kind of lock down school and give the victim a choice of decent schools.