Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We liked The Blind Side

Janine and I saw The Blind Side over the weekend.

We liked it.

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Charley said...

While there was a lot to like about "The Blind Side," there was one glaringly obnoxious drawback: Leigh Anne was in charge and her husband for the most part was playing the role of helpmeet. Leigh Anne initiated everything. Leigh Anne worked with and counseled Michael. Leigh Anne went to the bad part of town...alone, in search of Michael. Leigh Anne changed their Thanksgiving tradition. Leigh Anne prayed for the meal (and of course, left out "Jesus"). Leigh Anne came to the rescue when Michael and SJ had the accident.

In short, Leigh Anne was the epitome of a "Christian Feminist" and her husband was the epitome of the uninvolved, lapdog man.

I don't know if this is the way it really was in their family or if this is the typical Hollywood interpretation, but for me and my family, it took away from the beautiful story of Christian love and sacrifice that not only saved a life, but caused tremendous, eye-opening growth in a family.

Janine Cate said...

I had not noticed that, but you are right. I read an article called the Ballad of Big Mike. It describes how the father was the first one to notice and reach out to Mike.