Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Interesting reason to keep junk mail

As bloggers we are often looking for ways to get increase our exposure and promote our brand. Bryne Hobart tells us Why he Stopped Throwing Out Junk Mail:

There’s lots of general advice on how to keep readers hooked—tell them a story they can relate to, offer them a benefit they can’t get anywhere else, establish a cadence—but that’s too vague.
I’d rather just copy people who can’t afford to be wrong.
Junk mail practitioners obviously can’t afford to make all the same mistakes I can. When they’re paying for every printing and every delivery (and every phone inquiry, and every return), they have to know to a dollar what works. And what they never stop saying is that Long Copy Works—if it works when you pay more for every page, it must really work when you don’t.

I'll be a little slower now to toss junk mail.

(Hat tip: Hackers News)

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