Monday, December 07, 2009

Baby Bop is feeling sick

Baby Bop had Janine up this morning from 12:30 AM till 2:00 AM. Then again at 5:00 AM. Luckily our older two daughters will willing to take turns this morning, so Janine went back to sleep. She finally got up about 9:00 AM.

Baby Bop is feeling awful. He just wants to be held. He has some kind of congestion in his chest. He says his stomache and ears hurt. Some times it is hard being a parent.

Janine and the older two girls have a Homeschool Band practice this morning. Normally Janine takes the younger two children and they play quietly off to the side. But with Baby Bop being sick, we don't want to expose him to other children. So I am staying home from work this morning. They get done with practice about noon, and I'll go to work then. Unfortunately I'll end up working till nine or so tonight.

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