Monday, November 23, 2009

Which is more effective in changing behavior? The Carrot or the Stick?

As parents we are always trying to influence the behavior of our children. We want them to develop new habits and give up old habits. We want them to work harder and be kinder.

Janine and I like Glenn Latham's book The Power of Positive Parenting. He makes a strong case that as parents we will be much more effective if we reward good behavior, than if we try to stop bad behavior.

It is easier to change where a stream goes, than to dam it up. The water wants to go some where.

I was reminded of this when checking out some Youtube videos from a Kim Komando Video of the Day my mother sent me.. I've seen this one a couple times:

But this one was completely new:

Look for ways to encourage your children to keep doing good things. It will be more effective than a constant stream of criticism.

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