Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vouchers in Washington DC

Vouchers without lots of strings would lead to a huge improvement in public education. Yet every where I turn it seems like politicians are against them. I think one main reason is then politicians lose some control. Another reason is most because teachers feel threatened and their unions are opposed to vouchers.

Joanne Jacobs has another episode of the voucher saga in AG Holder vs. school choice ad. She stars with:

D.C. voucher advocates have been pressuring Democrats to revive funding for the program, which low-income students $7,400 scholarships to attend private schools. Democratic opponents are wobbling, but the administration apparently would like to silence the criticism, reports The Weekly Standard and Black America Web.

Here the politicians are trying to shut down the discussion over the value of vouchers! Sad.

Parents with enough means can put their children in private schools, but children who need a good education the most too often have the fewest options.

It is easy for President Obama to say he is for change and wants to improve government schools. But actions speak louder then words when he tries to shut down the debate.

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Susan said...

Welcome to the Chicago Way, Henry.
Here's Chicago Trib's John Kass on a humorous version of that Way:

It's not too funny in real life, as those DC families realized. You and all other Americans will become very familiar with what other Illinoisans have learned about Chicago politics, which became IL governmental leanings in the last few years, which are now nat'l executive/legislative branch policies.

For that matter, some homeschoolers wishfully think Obama/Duncan must be pro-homeschool. Talk is pretty, actions speak volumes.