Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not Enough Minutes in the Day

When we started homeschooling some 11 years ago, it seemed like we had all the time in the world. While our friends were rushing their kids off to school in the morning, we had a nice leisurely start. When our friends were busy all evening with homework and school events, we had stress-free evenings at home.

Somewhere along the line, that all changed. Now with 2 teenage girls, and almost double digit girl, and a yet to be potty trained boy, we are constantly on the go. I don't know how our friends with children in school do it. Since our children don't have the time wasted at school (carpool, standing in line, waiting to have your question answered, study time disrupted by misbehaving students, busy work, dumb projects), you would think that we would have some more free time.

For example, my oldest daughter gets up at 5:45 am and is on the go pretty much until 8 pm at night. Music, church, sports, babysitting jobs, laundry, yard work, housecleaning, doctor's appointment and occupational therapy take up most of their, as well as my, time. I'm not saying that we don't get a break to play and visit friends, but it always seems so rushed, squeezed in between things that should be done.

Today wasn't too bad since soccer season and philharmonic season ended last Saturday. I know that our life would be easier if we didn't do so much stuff, but it is hard to choose what to drop. Last year, none of our kids played soccer. I enjoyed the break but I felt kind of guilty about.

But, I'm so glad that they all played this year even if it was stressful.

And, I'm glad that my oldest daughter and I can play together in a philharmonic orchestra and a separate band ensemble group even if we have to move the timpani drums because we are the only one in the orchestra with a vehicle big enough (12 seater van) to move them.

And, I'm glad that my younger children play violin even if practice and rehearsals take up so much of our time. (And, I'm planning on starting baby bop on cello as soon as I can find one his size.)

And, I'm glad that my kids are involved with the youth activities at church even if they are sometimes frivolous.

And, I'm glad that we participate in a homeschool co-op and choir even if we have to rush out the door on Friday mornings because I'm the one with the key to the church.

And, I'm glad that my older girls are earning their own money to save for college by babysitting and doing other jobs even if sometimes I have to drive them there.

And, I'm glad that my children are spending time on occupation therapy even if we don't do as much as I would like.

And, I'm glad we do foster care even if the last foster child gave us lice.

And, I'm glad that Baby Bop has the opportunity to go to speech therapy 2-3 times per week, and that we all can see medical specialists (neurologist, pediatrician, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, dentist and so forth) even if the appointments take up a lot of time.

And, I'm grateful that my children have the opportunity to have pets even if I'm not a pet person.

And I'm grateful for computers and the Internet even if the Internet can be such a time waster and my computer crashed in the middle of this post.

And, I'm grateful to have 4 children and hope to have more even if I'm tired much of the time.

This best sums up my life/homeschool philosophy:

Life is hard and then you you might as well cram as much stuff in there as you can before you go.

Life is hard and then you you might as well cram as much stuff (and as many children)in there as you can before you go.

Life is hard and then you die...... so you might as well cram in as many activities with as many children as you can before you go.

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Luke said...

I crammed tons of stuff into my life in high school. I did everything.

In college, I settled on just a couple important things (swimming and a love interest [smile]).

Then I got married, started working... and had time to do other things just for the joy of it.

Now that we're watching a couple of kids... well... the schedule is filling up again. It's odd to see how things are shifting back to a crammed schedule.


John McGeough said...

But it's so cool isn't it. I think I am most happy with the peddle to the metal and my hair on fire. It seems the better things go the more I have to do, but I am loving every minute of it. Thanks for an excellent post.

Joanne said...

Wow you guys do a lot of stuff! My kids are very young three and six so we mostly stay home, and or go to the library, park and classes and feild trips but not to often and now that is is cold no park. I know it will get harder as they age and get into more things, but I probably will not have them in so many activities at one time my goal is one thing a year each and they will be starting home businesses as a part of school but that is later. For now we are happy to just play board games and video games at home, and learn a bunch of stuff in our home school lol!.

Thanks for posting!

kat said...

I can sooo identify with you Henry! We have 3 children involved in piano, 2 in ballet, 3 in scouts, and 1 serving Mass. I also have to haul the other 3 around with us everywhere to all these lessons/activities. What happened to the good 'ol days of homeschooling when we actually stayed at home?