Thursday, November 12, 2009

New approach for getting Baby Bop to sleep

Currently our church meets in the afternoon, during Baby Bop's nap time. Normally we take him to church and then put him down for a late nap afterwards.

Recently Janine took him to church, I was going a little later. I was surprised to see Janine driving up the driveway. Baby Bop had fallen asleep. We moved him to his bed, and he started to wake up. I sat in the rocking chair next to him, and he settled down a bit. I waited. He just laid there, but wasn't falling back asleep. After a few minutes I went and got my scriptures. I came back to his room and read a few chapters. Baby Bop was still half awake. I decided to read a chapter out loud. He was asleep before I finished the chapter.

I have done this once since and it also worked like magic.

Hopefully we aren't training him to fall asleep when he hears the word of God.

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C T said...

LOL! I read scriptures to my children over breakfast, so they're probably going to have a Pavlovian salivating response to the word of God. ;)

Crimson Wife said...

Was it one of the genealogy chapters, LOL?

NerdMom said...

You are teaching him to find comfort in the Word of God. That is what is letting him sleep;).