Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Four percent - do you think this is high or low?

Rasmussen Reports that Just 4% Say Most Politicians Keep Their Campaign Promises:

Some folks may be surprised that the number is this high, but only four percent (4%) of U.S. voters say most politicians keep their campaign promises.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 76% say the majority of politicians do not keep the promises they make on the campaign trail. Nearly one-out-of five voters (19%) aren’t sure.


A question I have is given that most voters don't believe politicians will keep their promises, why do so many politicians keep getting reelected? Do voters think "Well I know he is lying to me, but I like the things he says." Or do voters think "Maybe this time he'll keep his promises." Or is there something else going on?

We need to remember campaign promises, remind the politicians and then vote them out when they don't keep their promises. If we keep their feet to the fire, then they'll stop lying to us, at least stop lying so much to us.

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Crimson Wife said...

There's also the issue of whether the politician knows he/she won't be able to deliver on the promise. It's one thing for a politician to say something with sincere hope that he/she can make it come true and quite another to out right lie.

christy said...

people believe that THEIR politician is the honest one.

Luke said...


'nuff said.


Henry Cate said...

I put a large part of the blame on the voters. If people vote for someone they think is a liar, then they are partly to blame.

Henry Cate said...

Oh, Luke, that Changefest is pretty funny, thanks.