Friday, October 09, 2009

Uncertainty about the government is contributing to the recession

Don Surber reports that Early retirements mean it is worse than 9.8% unemployment. Many out-of-work people close to retirement are just giving up. The post is good. Some of the comments are better:

Sean says:
Businesses aren’t hiring because no one knows what in the hell our economic system is going to look like 5 years, or even 5 months, from now.
Will “Cap and Trade” get implemented as the Democrats hope?
How much of an upheaval will “Healthcare Reform” end up being?
Is the administration and Congress done overhauling regulation of the Financial Industry?
No prudent investor is going to bet their money (i.e., invest in growth) when it is conceivable that the government is going to radically alter how 50% of this nation’s economy functions.
Investors want to know what the playing field is going to look like before expanding their businesses, or starting new ones.
Right now, there is no certainty. No one knows if the business you start up is going to be adversely impacted by government dictum in a few months or years.
To say nothing of all the questions surrounding taxation to deal with these massive deficits we have going on right now.
Too much risk, and the prospects for reward are also uncertain. No better way to prevent growth.


RJGatorEsq. says:
Sean is absolutely correct. I am an employer. I know a lot of other small business owners. I, and they, are just about unanimous: “I need some help, but I am not going to hire until I see what Obama is planning to do to us.”

I am afraid this is a good time to be frugal and watch your pennies.

(Hat tip: Dr. Helen)

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