Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby Bop update

It was only a matter of time. Today while changing the sheets on Baby Bop's bed, I discovered something hidden under his mattress, two Dr. Seuss books. Too bad that one of them was an over-due library book.

I guess that growing up in a family of bookworms is rubbing off.

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Sebastian said...

That is so sweet. I remember how excited I was to find our youngest reading himself to sleep.

Mrs. C said...

Oh, yayyy! :]

Erin said...

We can't keep our kid's books on the shelves either. It started with our oldest and now all three are nose in a book every day of the week. I often find piles and piles of books on their beds. I find it irritating, but with the fresh perspective you posted here, I think I'll change mine as well. It is a blessing to see them so interested in reading.