Thursday, October 22, 2009

Going with a theme of humor today

I think this is kind of funny, in a sad sort of way - For Ala. man, XXXXXXX marks spot for ticket-magnet:

"Racer X's" vanity plate just does not compute in city computers — and it's helped him rack up about $19,000 in tickets in Birmingham, Ala.
Scottie Roberson bought a vanity plate with seven X's to pay homage to his racer nickname. But that causes a bit of a snafu when parking patrols put the plate into the system. Officials usually put seven X's in place of the number for cars without license plates.
Roberson said the mix-up has led him to get as many as 10 tickets in a day.
Birmingham Traffic Engineer Gregory Dawkins said the city may change the system to keep Roberson from receiving more tickets. He says "maybe we just need to leave that part blank altogether."


I hope it doesn't take too long for Scottie Roberson to get this resolved.

(Hat tip: Risks Digest)

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Mrs. C said...

Um... wow. Poor guy!

Henry Cate said...

You know, I wonder what happens when he does break the law. They could write him up, and later he could claim it was just another one of the bad tickets.