Saturday, October 10, 2009

Are you a homeschooler or homeschooled?

What kind are you?

Exactly what do camo and culotts look like anyway? Maybe it's a regional thing.

I enjoy seeing homeschoolers homeschooled children in action.

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Momma Knows said...

Oh MY I love it! Great video, and what a well-spoken, homeschooled young woman. :)

Christina S. said...

Awesome! I HAD to put it on FB.

Luke said...

I agree with much of what she presents here. In fact, it amuses me when people say things like, "Wait... you were homeschooled?!" Proves her point about blending in [smile].

Sure, I was more than a little... well... awkward when I first started high school. But I was a new kid in a new school surrounded by people who had known each other since preschool. I adjusted just fine [smile].

Honestly, I haven't really met any of these "homeschoolers" she mentions. I've heard tell of them. I've seen some really odd homeschooled children... but I personally have not interacted with a significant population of homeschoolers who are that odd/socially inept that they did not fall within the bell curve of similarly odd children attending public school.


Julie said...

LOL! So cute! Love the video. Thanks for posting it. She has a good point!

Anonymous said...

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AlbertaMama said...

That was fantastic! She made some very good points and the satire just kills funny!