Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Would you like to be subversive? Claire Wolfe says start homeschooling!

Claire Wolfe has a nice column about education in America - Living the outlaw life:

There are three fundamentally subversive things an Ordinary American Outlaw can do to increase freedom while going about daily life. Two can be dangerous to your well-being. The third is overwhelmingly rewarding and hardly hazardous at all.
Subversive acts #1 and #2 are: 1) don’t pay your income taxes and 2) quit using a government-issued centralized citizen tracking number—aka social security number. (See the sidebar concerning a future article that will be about not using your SSN.) Both of these acts of subversion are fine ways to help chop the tentacles off government and to retain some control over your own life and labors. But well...sometimes they can really mess up your tidy little routine.
The third act of everyday subversion—the nice one—is: teach your children at home.


I greatly enjoyed the column. I think you will too.

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