Monday, September 07, 2009

Proposed option for Obama's education speech tomorrow

One of my brother's found a fun column by Scott Ott with a draft copy of Obama's speech tomorrow: Scott Ott's Examiner Scrappleface: Obama will urge kids to go to private school. It starts:

A draft copy of President Barack Obama's planned September 8 address to America's public school children, tells students that "If you want to grow up to be like me, you should beg your parents to put you in private school, right now."
Although Obama attended public school in Indonesia early in life, he soon switched to a private Catholic school, and from fifth grade through graduation went to a private college-prep school in Hawaii. His own daughters now attend a private school in Washington D.C..
"Do you think you're going to get into Harvard University with your one-size-fits-all public school diploma?" the president will reportedly say. "Come on! Don't make me laugh. You'll be lucky to survive through graduation. Seriously, you gotta get out of this mediocrity machine. Go ahead! Get up right now. Run for the door. What are you waiting for?"
While the White House would not confirm the content of the leaked speech draft, a spokesman acknowledged that "You don't get to be as smart and cool as Barack Obama by sitting in P.S. 152, listening to some union lackey droning on, and then eating government surplus in the cafeteria."


In case anyone is wonder, at the end of the column is a brief descript of the author: "Examiner columnist Scott Ott is editor in chief of, the world's leading family-friendly news satire source."

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MiaZagora said...

I'm glad you pointed out that it's satire! For a minute there, I thought the teacher's unions were going to be calling for the President's head!

Adam said...

That's just silly. How could Obama possibly think he'll be talking to public school kids tomorrow? Public schools don't have enough money to pipe in C-SPAN for the whole school to watch! :)

Seriously, though, the negative hoopla over this speech has been kinda sickening. The full transcript has been posted to the web site and... it's pretty tame.

Grizzly Mama said...

LOL - this is hilarious.

Adam - as the people who object continually point out - it's not so much the speech (although we had no idea what the content of the speech would be until the day before it is slated to be beamed into classrooms all across the nation..), it's the 'menu of options' lesson plan that was distributed to the schools only last week that gives one pause.

Silly parent that I am - I objected to several items on the 'menu of options' directly to my daughters' school principal. They will not be showing the speech OR doing the lesson plans. We have now heard from the top guy at the Department of Education - not only does he think we are 'silly', but we are bad parents as well!

Adam said...

@Grizzly, Please explain more about what you personally found objectionable. Reading through the "lesson plan" (hardly...), I couldn't find anything particularly noteworthy (positive or negative) to rail against.

I might argue that any opportunity to get kids interested and engaged in the politics of our country is a good thing. We, for one, enjoyed the opportunity to watch the inauguration as a family and will take time today to listen to our President's prepared remarks to schoolchildren. Thankfully, we as homeschoolers can immediately interact with our children and discuss the role of the President, how he governs the nation, and how there are many who don't agree with every decision he makes.

Of course, living in the D.C. area gives us added interest in tracking politics and the actions of our elected officials.