Thursday, September 24, 2009

Interesting point about the Tea Party protesters in DC

From the Chicago Boyz is an interesting point in An Important Qualifier:

Via Instapundit comes a major (albeit British) media report that the Tea Party protest in Washington turnout could be as high as two million.

And Shannon Love goes out to say:

Two million people with jobs…
Getting hundreds of thousands of kids, the professionally unemployed and government workers to show up isn’t that hard (especially if someone buys the bus tickets). Getting two million middle-class, middle-aged people with jobs, careers, children and businesses is way, way more impressive.
We can safely assume that for every individual who made it to the protest that there are dozens of people whose grown-up obligations prevented them from attending.

This should scare many politicians. More and more people are getting upset about the gargantuan beast that the Federal government has become. An Army of Davids is getting ready to slay the best.

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Mrs. C said...

That's right. I have three children on the autism spectrum and NO WAY they would be able to handle an event like this. But my sentiments don't hinge on my ability to travel. :]

Luke said...

That's a very interesting point [smile].