Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daniel Pink explains how incentives can decrease performance

In a TED talk, author Daniel Pink explains how higher incentives lead to worse performance, for cognitive thinking! His focus is on how business needs to rethink how they encourage their employees. The video is worth watching for parents.

It is good. I've watched this twice now. I've asked my two older daughters to watch it. I'm emailing some friends encouraging them to watch it.

It looks like I'll need to add another book to my reading stack. His book Free Agenta Nation appears to have more details about this theme.

As an aside, eight years ago Daniel Pink wrote a very positive article about homeschooling!

(Hat tip: Janice Campbell - Taking Time For Things That Matter)

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Luke said...

That is brilliant.


Ashley C aka Kitten said...

VERY good! So glad I took the time to watch it. Talking about intrinsic motivation and wanting to be part of something bigger than one's self reminds me of homeschooling. I left a well paying to come home and teach my children. While it doesn't pay monetarily, it's the absolute best career/vocation/avocation I could ever imagine - and I do it for "free"!

Ashley C aka Kitten said...

Oops, ment to say "well paying career"!