Thursday, August 06, 2009

A top secret site of Netflix, and their company policy

I enjoyed How netflix gets your movies to your mailbox so fast. A journalist writes about his experience visiting a Netflix warehouse:

The Netflix warehouse in Carol Stream does not appear on any map. Your odds of finding it are slightly better than your odds of stumbling upon a rare insect in a field of weeds.
One could drive to Carol Stream, stop in a random office park, climb from one's car and scream, "Reveal thyself, Netflix!" This is not advisable. But the temptation remains.

Other Companies Should Have To Read This Internal Netflix Presentation is another good article about Netflix:

Ever since Netflix’s awesome vacation policy was revealed to the public (basically, there is no policy, it’s take the time you think you need), the company’s work policies have been of interest to people. A new 128-page presentation called “Reference Guide on our Freedom & Responsibility Culture” was recently sent around the company, and then put on SlideShare, where the blog Hacking Netflix found it.

I read the first third of the presentation. It looks like Netflix is doing a lot of the right things.

(Hat tip: Hacker News)

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Fatcat said...

Thank goodness. I was hoping I wasn't going to have to boycott them for moral reasons. I really like Netflix.

Henry Cate said...

Fatcat - I think Netflix is an above average company.

Maybe I should invest in them.

gary said...

We have a Netflix distribution center in our town. I know about where it is (near a certain post office) but never actually saw it. I guess I'll have to stop by the area at 3 am to be sure.

Henry Cate said...

Gary - have you swung by yet? :-)

I wonder why Netflix works so hard to keep their centers secret?