Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When to take your daughters to the shooting range?

Janine and I have talked about taking a class with our daughters on gun safety and having them learn how to shoot. We just weren't sure at what age to start them.

Sprittibee recently went shooting with her 10-year-old daughter.

I guess we should stop talking about it and go do it.

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Sandy said...

We do it as soon as they're big enough to hold the gun :-)

JohnH said...

My daughter first tried to pull the trigger of a BB Gun at 4, but she didn't have the finger strength.

Unknown said...

I'm not anti-gun and I'm all for gun rights. However, I've never owned a gun and neither has my husband. I always heard news stories of kids who got their parents' gun and shot and killed themselves or someone else. They probably could have used some instruction with guns other than "Don't touch." - which obviously didn't work. With the talk of taking away gun rights earlier in the year, I thought about purchasing a gun and taking some shooting lessons myself!

Randy said...

Girls are much easier than boys, and can be started earlier. They also tend not to have the preconception that they are toys (If you do your training job right, they figure that out much later)

My rule of thumb is that as soon as they can be trusted to use a sharp knife, then they can handle other tools.