Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Power of Technology - a video on the Obama Health Reform and Wait Times Visualization (In Lego!)

Matt of 10000Pennies has done it again! With a small budget he has created a powerful message:

My eldest daughter read Do Hard Things last week. My second daughter just started it. One of the main messages is too often we allow ourselves to be limited. There are hundreds of thousands of people who could build the types of videos Matt has produced. If you have a such a message, don't be sacred, go for it.

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Luke said...


I'd want to know what other factors are playing into this--if there are any--but that is a powerful video.


Henry Cate said...

I think a big part of the reason for the slowness is the Massachuetts government bureaucracy is not motivated to meet the needs of the consumer.

They are motivated to fill out the forms, follow procedures and make more procedures.