Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My wife may save me from losing my mind

A recent study found Lower risk of dementia for married or cohabiting people:

People who live alone have twice the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease in later life compared with married or cohabiting people, according to a research study led by Miia Kivipelto from Karolinska Institutet and published on the prominent British Medical Journal's website,

This is another reason why I'm lucky to be married to Janine!

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Crimson Wife said...

Interesting. My grandmother and my great-aunt both needed to be placed in a nursing home because of dementia within a year of being widowed. We believe they may have been in the early stages of dementia while their husbands were living, but they were able to function fairly well. After their husbands' passing, they went rapidly downhill. They went from merely repeating questions to not recognizing family members within a matter of a few months :-(

Henry Cate said...

My guess is that living with someone that you known and care about, like family, keeps you motivated to have meaningful discussions.

When you live by yourself, or in a a care facility, you don't get the same level of mental stimulation.