Thursday, July 16, 2009

Music Video on class size and performance

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute is going to create a weekly "Fun Fact Friday" video about education. Here is last week's video:

Fun Fact Friday! - Student/Teacher Ratio from Education Gadfly on Vimeo.

(Hat tip: Friends of Dave)

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Brendan said...

so following this logic we should increase class size and our PISA scores in math will increase.

Henry Cate said...

No, I think the basic message is to be skeptical when politicians promise that all they need to improve education is more money.

Public education in America today has many, many problems, and as such I am afraid there is no single cure.

Brendan said...

I good response to the video from another blogger.

christinemm said...

Something confusing is that some fact gatherers count administrators, special ed teachers, curriculum specialists etc. as "teachers" and do the math with the student numbers. So for example when classes have about 22 kids in them the stats published by the school say they are 13:1 ratio. That misleads parents, citizens and people looking to move to buy a home in a 'good' school district.

To me student: teacher ratio is the actual teacher to the actual students IN THE CLASS.

I am so sick of number fudging.

Laurie said...

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