Thursday, July 23, 2009

I wonder how many volunteers they'll get?

I know people who would pay money to be in this study. Wanted: volunteers to eat chocolate every day for a year in the name of science:

Scientists from the University of East Anglia are searching for volunteers to eat chocolate every day for a year.
Researchers studying the potential health benefits of dark chocolate at UEA in Norwich, Norfolk, need 40 women to test specially made bars.
Participants must be post-menopausal and have type 2 diabetes to help see whether flavonoid compounds in chocolate can reduce the risk of heart disease.
Some 150 volunteers who took part in the study's first round of tests last year will soon be tested for any health benefits.


(Hat tip Slashdot Stories)

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Angie Phipps said...

Our country needs to create more jobs like this!! I know I'd sign up (but I don't fit their requirements).
Maybe I'll do my own chocolate every day for a year and see how it affects my mental wellbeing. Maybe more chocolate will help me handle stress more effectively, enjoy a moment of peace each day, and feel happier about my life? Or maybe I'll gain a few pounds, my skin will break out, and I'll feel bad about my self-image?