Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dave Carroll sings about his experience with United Airlines

This is another instance of how the Internet gives power to one creative individual.

Dave Carroll flew with United and his guitar was damaged. He spent nine months trying to get compensation. He was ignored. He finally took his complaint to Youtube and produced United Breaks Guitars:

The video has gotten over two million hits in six days! United finally has said "We're sorry!"

The lesson here is one creative person can have great impact.

It is kind of fun, Taylor Guitar, who made the guitar, even has a video response.

(Hat tip: my Virginia brother)

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Luke said...

Now that is social media in action. I can see why many corporations are afraid of this kind of thing: Media they can't control.


Henry Cate said...

I wonder how much it will hurt United. If I were a betting man I'd try shorting United stock. This is really bad publicity.