Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hamlet - The Gilligan's Island version

I watched this years ago. It was fun to watch it again. Here is Hamlet, in seven minutes:

(Hat tip: MiaZagora's Homeschool Minutes)

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mrs dani said...

What I could never understand was they could build record players, and lamps, and fans and huts....but they couldn't fix the dumb hole in the boat?

Perhaps I just think too much. I am the same person that never understood the Roadrunner and the coyote. Obviously, the coyote had money or one heck of a credit line to order rocket powered skates and stuff. Why didnt he just pay an extra charge and have pizza delievered?

Henry Cate said...

The show clearly didn't make sense.

As I got older I got to thinking about the show as having a complete reboot at the end of every episode. There was no growth, no progress. Every show started completely back at the start.

As I child I enjoyed Gilligan's Island. As an adult I can't watch it. I cringe too much.