Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our life - worth saving?

I like this thought:

A doctor saves lives--it's up to people to create lives that are worth saving.
-Philip Gold

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cahomebizmom said...

I agree that we all have a responsibility to do good in the world and to conduct ourselves in a way that is ethical and with a focus on values. But I do not agree with the quote, all of our lives are worth saving we are all priceless gifts and have the potential to to great things regardless of the life we have chose for ourselves!
Doctors must do there best to save all human lives no matter what the focus should be on LIFE.

It is up to people to create a good and just life for them self but ALL life is worth saving!

And who is the judge of the lives that are worth it or not?

Henry Cate said...

I don't think Philip Gold was saying that a doctor would make the decision. He said:

"A doctor saves lives ..."

There was no condition or qualifiction.