Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Exercise maybe be good for the brain

This is interesting, a study found that Exercise builds small blood vessels in brain:

Exercise is known to help prevent cognitive decline and maintain the brain as people age, and now researchers think they know one reason why.
People who engaged in long-term, regular exercise had substantially more small blood vessels in their brains and more blood flow than people who performed little exercise over the years, according to a study presented Monday.
"Exercise increases the number of blood vessels in other parts of the body," said lead researcher Feraz Rahman of Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. "What we didn't know is that it also affects the brain."


Later in the article Rahman, one of the researchers is quoted as saying:

"Other studies have shown that exercise prevents cognitive decline in the elderly," he said. "The blood vessel and flow differences may be one of the reasons. Aerobic exercise is a vital part of healthy aging."

I haven't been running for a couple weeks. I guess I have to get out to burn off the turkey, and build some more small blood vessels.

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