Tuesday, November 04, 2008

When Homeschooling Disappoints

I found some very helpful quotes in the California Parent Educator, Summer/Fall 2008, Vol. 19, No. 3/4.

These are some of my favorites from the article, "When Homeschooling Disappoints." by E. R. Sample.

Just because my reality doesn't measure up with my expectations doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with my reality. Maybe the problem lies with the expectations.

Homeschooling costs us everything, but it is worth more than the cost.

The short-term, daily analysis is some what like having to weigh ourselves every five minutes.

Remember homeschooling is NOT a means to an end. It is not the sure-fire path to Harvard, seminary, or perfect children.

As long as there is free will, there is no absolute method to guarantee our children's behavior.

We are just one leg of a long journey for each of our children and they are just one leg in our journeys. We don't have to settle every aspect of their lives on our watch.

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christinemm said...

Henry what great quotes.

So often people hesitate to say anything about homeschooling that is not perfect or ideal. We have to 'keep it real' and tell the truth to each other.

We can do all the right things but it doesn't ensure our children will be perfect or will put into action all they have been taught.

Our children have other influences in their lives.

I notice that certain personality kids seem open to emulating behaviors of people other than their parents. In this way peers, other adults, and the media can make impressions on our children and they can choose to act or say things that we parents may not approve of.

We parents cannot control our children's destinies. All we can do is try our best to parent our children well and do a good job home educating them. How the child reacts to our efforts is beyond our full control. The child has a part in their learning, their behavior and their actions in the world. They don't always act or do the things we parents may wish or hope for. Whether it is not putting forth their best effort at learning something or using slang terms we don't like or any number of other things...

DĂșnadan said...

homeschooling would disappoint if the expectations are unrealistic. and the disappointment does happen to us once in a while. we do need to always remind ourselves why we homeschool. and see how far God has blessed our efforts as well. homeschooling is really a privilege not all enjoy.

Henry Cate said...

Good points. As parents we provide a foundation, to allow our children to soar. We do need to be careful we don't have unrealistic expectations.