Thursday, November 27, 2008

What an awful night

Our two-year-old foster care boy has the flu. Three nights ago he had a little trouble sleeping, because the congestion make it hard for him to breath through his nose. Two nights he slept fine. We thought he was on the mend. Last night he won't sleep, unless he was sitting in someone's lap. Janine took the first shift from eleven to two. I had him for two and half hours. Then our oldest daughter happened to wake up to go to the bathroom. She offered to take a turn!!! I am so grateful for helpful daughters!

This morning our youngest daughter is also feeling very sick. And I have what ever is going around. Bummer.

Yesterday my plan had been to do several hours of cleaning on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Now the plan is to mostly convalesce.

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Fatcat said...

I hope you all feel much better soon, especially the little guy.

Henry Cate said...

Thanks for your kind wishes.

We were all pretty much better by Saturday.