Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yales' free online courses

This is pretty cool, Yale has made several of their courses free over the internet. I've listened to the Game Theory course a bit. It is well done.

Here are some of the courses:

Biomedical Engineering
Ancient Greek History
Game Theory
Financial Markets
The American Novel Since 1945
The Civil War and Reconstruction Era
France Since 1871

(Hat tip: Home-ed mailing list)

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springtreeroad said...

that's so cool.

Luke said...

I like how these kinds of things are becoming more popular. My wife and I really enjoyed a podcast of the lectures from an Astronomy class from Ohio State.

Good stuff.


Valerie said...

Looks as if they're catching up with The Teaching Company. :) I used their courses with my kids ('98 hmschl. grads) before bandwidth expanded so much. ;>

Another source for interesting materials is the Annenberg courses -- previously only for sale, now online at

It is nice to see so much learning available (even if it does give me so many more reasons to avoid doing less-fun stuff). :)

Henry Cate said...

Yes it is pretty cool.

I am amazed at just how much information is now available, for free, and easy to access.

As I've mentioned before I think there will be a fundamental shift in higher education as the costs of bricks and mortor colleges continues to explode and education over the internet continues to drop.

We live in exciting times.