Monday, October 20, 2008

Are you trying to learn Spanish?

An important part of learning a language is mastering the vocabulary. It can be overwhelming to try and learn thousands of words. The answer is to do it in small bites. has a Spanish Word of the Day. You can check their web site or sign up for daily emails.

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MamaMcHansen said...

Actually, I am. :-) With two brothers who are fluent, and living where we do, I wish I had chosen it in HS instead of French. :-)

Rachel (McCown, btw)

Derek Cate said...

As another free resource available to you, in iTunes you can find some audio podcasts for learning languages. For instance I just started "Coffee Break Spanish" (without the Coffee for me), which you can find in iTunes or go directly to their website at . In any case there are free options on iTunes for Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Chinese, Russian, Irish, Hebrew, Portuguese, Korean ...
It's an amazing world!

Henry Cate said...

Yes, Spanish is a good choice. Rachel, you might consider Rosetta Stone. Our daughters are learning Stone via Rosseta Stone, and Janine likes it.

Derek, thanks for the suggestion.