Thursday, September 25, 2008

Valerie Moon responds to: Are homeschooled kids at a disadvantage?

I enjoyed Valerie's response in Answering illogic at Opposing Views: Are homeschooled kids at a disadvantage? She has a very thoughtfull post about the debate.

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Mrs. C said...

I know for us personally, we withdrew Elf from public school because of the lack of APPROPRIATE response to his autism. So is he at a disadvantage? Yeah, because he's AUTISTIC. He happens to be a homeschooled autistic.

He's missing out on all that socialization the school supplied when they abused him.

HELLO, these people who want "accountability" for homeschoolers need to figure out a way that situations like this never happen again before they go looking at my kettle, you know?

I think the whole debate on the link thing seems to contain people NOT LISTENING to the other side's arguments, what I saw of it. I could seriously concede to you that my autistic son is NOT being socialized well. I really can. I hear what they're saying...

Um, but for me, right now, I find that preferrable than to send him to the same ps that abused him. My choice. It makes me mad when people want to take these choices away so I can be accountable to the SAME SYSTEM that abuses children... you know, so they can be sure *I* am not abusing my child...

It's crazy.

Sebastian said...

I really liked Valerie's piece. I especially appreciated the mention of the census of military homeschoolers stationed in Japan.

Henry Cate said...

Mrs. C, you are right, it is crazy. I heard that a disproportionate number of social workers in the foster care system grew up in abusive homes. They are much more likely to assume that you do abuse your children.

I'm afraid that teachers have been told time and again to watch for signs of abuse, so the glasses they look through colors their expectations. They assume that many children are suffering from neglect, abuse, and worse. The teachers are told that the child's only chance is to be saved by a caring teacher.

Yes there are some parents who abuse their children, but the vast majority love and care for their children. They would be willing to sacrifice their lives for their children. It is a rare situation when a parent really is harming a child.

Yet in the eyes of the public school system it seems like parents are guilty until proven innocent, especially if the parents try to homeschool.

I think part of the problem with the debate is that people have different values and goals.

It seems to me that many of those who support public schools want public schools to continue to exist, even if they are not the best solution.