Thursday, September 11, 2008

A blog for homeschool seniors

Miss Jocelyn is kicking off a Homeschool Seniors 2008-09, here's the announcement:

Last year about this time my older sister, Amanda @ The Daily Planet, had a brilliant idea to start a blog for the homeschool seniors of 07-08, and I am doing it this year because it's my senior year. I would like to invite homeschoolers seniors for the school year of 2008-2009. My life has truly been blessed by being homeschooled and I want to share some of my last year as a homeschooler with others who have also taken this journey. I don't know what this blog will be used for in others lives, but I want to highlight the memorable things that happen this last year of high school, and highlight some other seniors too.If you're a homeschool senior or you know of one, please leave a comment with your blog link so I can check it out. I am also setting up a blogroll so each of us can have a list of our "class" and enable easy access to the list of seniors. Put the icon and the blogroll on your site, and then send me the following information in an email (homeschoolseniors AT gmail DOT com) if you want to be added.
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If you know of a young homeschooler who will be going off to college next year and has a blog, have them check out Homeschool Seniors 2008-09.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Cate, you're too kind. : )