Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am going to go out on a limb and predict McCain's VP choice

Clicked! had an interesting post about how someone had figured out who Obama had picked for his VP:

Marc Ambinder wins the prize for most creative use of the Web for clues as to Obama's V.P. pick. He used FlightAware to check for charter flights between Chicago and Biden's nearest airport in Delaware.

I'm not as clever, but I decided to use Google to see who popped up the most. I figure a Wisdom of Crowds approach might provide some clues. I found currently these numbers:

"John McCain" Romney - 4.3 Million web hits, 12,100 News hits, 101,000 Image hits, and 198,000 Blog hits.
"John McCain" Huckabee - 3.2 Million web hits, 1,157 News hits, 79,000 Image hits, and 127,000 Blog hits.
"John McCain" Thompson - 2.5 Million web hits, 1,500 News hits, 82,000 Image hits, and 76,000 Blog hits.
"John McCain" Giuliani - 2.8 Million web hits, 3,300 News hits, 74,000 Image hits, and 124,000 Blog hits.
"John McCain" Lieberman - 1.8 Million web hits, 8,300 News hits, 41,000 Image hits, and 43,000 Blog hits.
"John McCain" Hutchison - 0.5 Million web hits, 490 News hits, 17,000 Image hits, and 4,400 Blog hits.
"John McCain" Pawlenty - 0.4 Million web hits, 10,100 News hits, 11,000 Image hits, and 3,400 Blog hits.

Based on the above data my guess is that John McCain will pick Mitt Romney as his VP choice.

Tomorrow we'll know if I was right, or not.

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Lance said...

As of this morning (Fri. 8:22 a.m.) is saying no to Romney right now and is hinting that Palin may be the pick.

Watch and see... :)


Henry Cate said...

Hummm ... I have heard very little about Sarah Palin, but she seems OK. It would be an interesting ticket.