Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Be careful about mistreating another person - they might have a blog

Funny story. A young lady delivers pizza to a Utah State Senator. He gives her a bad time.

But she happens to have a blog. She wrote about the incident that evening. Others notice it and spread the word. I don't see a hit tracker, but there are currently over 174 comments.

I wonder if the senator will get reelected.

Today's lesson is: Always be nice to people, they might blog about you if you don't. And if you are kind, they might put in a kind word on their blog.

(Hat tip: Reddit)

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johne said...

There are a lot of reasons to treat other people well. I think the threat of being "badly blogged publicly" will be a good influence on some of the people who most need to improve their behavior....

Henry Cate said...

Blogging specifically, and the whole internet in general, makes it much harder to hide bad behavior. If you are obnoxious, someone will report it.