Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Teachers need to fix the teachers unions

The National Education Association (NEA) recently had their annual convention. Phyllis Schlafy reports The NEA Spells Out Its Policies:

The delegates passed dozens of hard-hitting resolutions that now become the NEA's official policy. The resolutions authorize NEA members and employees to lobby for those goals in the halls of Congress and state capitols.
NEA resolutions cover the waterfront of all sorts of political issues that have nothing to do with improving education for schoolchildren, such as supporting statehood for the District of Columbia, a "single-payer health care plan" (i.e., government-run), gun control, ratification of the International Criminal Court Treaty, and taking steps "to change activities that contribute to global climate change."


Phyllis covers many other areas the NEA is involved in, very little of which have anything to do with educaton. And keeping in character the NEA opposes school choice and homeschooling. Two things that have shown to improve the education of children.

The teachers unions are currently destructive to education. Teachers need be responsible and clean up the unions.

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