Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A little update

I haven't been posting much lately. If I did post, the topic would be foster care, not homeschooling. Our "foster boy" has been with us about 8 months. Sometimes I wish we had an anonymous blog, like a dusty frame, so that I could give more details about what is going on. But since we use our name, I'm pretty limited in what I can legally talk about.

When people ask me how long "Baby Bop" will be staying, I reply, "Somewhere between two weeks and the rest of his life." Since last week, Baby Bop is no longer on the reunification track. Sometime in November the court could move to terminate parental rights, clearing the way for an adoption. I say "could" because the system moves pretty slowly. I'm expecting a few continuances and other court delays. After parental rights have been terminated, his adoption paperwork could take anywhere between 3 to 9 months. Our adoption home study is already completed, so there should be no delay on our part.

As a homeschooler with a healthy mistrust of government programs, I'm quite happy that the court moves so slowly. I don't want a world where the government can easily and permanently remove children from their parents. On the other hand, when you are caring for a young child, it doesn't take very long for you to become the parents from the child's point of view.

We actively supported the reunification process. As more time passed, we became more and more concerned about the trauma reunification could cause. We are the only home he can remember and his bio family are virtual strangers.

I believe for this and other reasons, the bio parents chose to drop out of the reunification process.

Sometimes I don't know what scared me more; Baby Bop leaving or him staying. Baby Bop is a complicated little guy with some long term health issues. The longer he is with us, the more confident I become that we can handle these challenges.

I would say more, but Baby Bop needs my attention.

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Crimson Wife said...

I hope everything works out for the best in this situation :-)

Fatcat said...

We are licensed foster parents too, but we don't have a placement yet. It's a very difficult road to walk. Scary. But if we don't go out on a limb for these children, who will?

I hope things workout well for you all and Baby Bop.

Janine Cate said...

Thank you both for your support.

FatcatPaulanne, good for you. There is such a desperate need.

For example, this is the request for placement that I received yesterday from the foster parent association:

The shelter is looking for homes for a number of children.. With many families leaving for vacations it is more difficult to place children. If you are available please consider calling.

* 1 day old (no hospital release date yet- call for more information) (Caucasian)

* 6 year old

* 14 year old

* 15 year old


* 3 days old (no hospital release date yet- call for more information)

* 4 days old (no hospital release date yet- call for more information)

* 8 year old

* 13 year old

Sibling groups:

* Boy, 10; Boy, 3; Girl, 1. (Hispanic, English Speaking MUST be placed together)

* Girl, 16; Boy, 15; Girl, 11. (Hispanic)

That is just one announcement. I get these about once a week.

Fatcat said...

Wow. I can't believe those listings. We don't have anything like that here as far as I know.