Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our blog just got our 300,000th hit!

Sitemeter reports that we just got our 300,000th hit!!!

It came in from Capital Heights, Maryland. The reader used Google to search for peters questions. The reader didn't stay very long. For over two years now this posts draws severals hits every day. Some times we've gotten over a dozen hits just from this one post.

To be completely open, we passed our 300,000th hit probably on Thursday, maybe Wednesday. We put Sitemeter on our blog fairly quickly after we started blogging. My guess is Sitemeter missed the first couple hundred hits, maybe the first thousand hits.

It is fun to have this kind of traffic, but to put it in perspective, Instapundit averages about 210,000 hits a day.

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KJ said...

Congratulations on your milestone! I've been reading your blog via RSS since we started homeschooling. You've got a lot of great info and I'm sure your popularity will continue to grow!

Anonymous said...

Does the "foster boy" have a name. That sounded so derrogatory!
I'm sure you didn't mean it that way... And most of us don't get alot of work done with special needs children under two years old.
hope your wife gets home soon....

Jack & Annett said...

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Mrs. C said...


And anon, I'll bet the reasoning is that because the child is not "theirs" legally, they are precluded from using his name and probably his image online. I'm sure "foster boy" is just a brief description and he is very beloved. I myself sometimes refer to my "autistic children" and my "NT children" and nothing bad is meant by it, but I need to make that distinction my (3) readers.

300,000 is WOW a lot!!

Henry Cate said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words.

anonymous - Mrs. C is right. As foster parents we have to protect the privacy of the children we have. But also, we've choosen to not reveal the names of our own children.

Well, on to the next 300,000 hits!