Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jerry Pournelle addresses the abuse of power by Texas CPS

Jerry Pournelle makes some strong arguments about the abuse of power by the Texas CPS in the FLDS case:

As to the alternatives, what about showing there was some damage to each child being removed? What about treating them as individuals rather than treating them all at once? Many of them were arbitrarily taken away for no reason and with no charge. Not only were neither parents nor children confronted with their accusers, they were not given any specifications or charges against them.
Punishing people without charging them with any crime or allowing them any defense is a pretty serious thing. I would say that protection from that kind of arbitrary authority is more important than the alleged protection of no more than a dozen kids among the 400 from the allegations of sexual abuse -- allegations, by the way, that now turn out to have been made by an anonymous accuser who may not even exist. It may have been a malicious neighbor.
If we are going to establish that precedent -- that I can call the police and allege that you are abusing me and your children -- and never come forward to confront you, or give any real specifications, but they will come and take your children for their own protection, I have the power to ruin your life.


Reread that last line. "I have the power to ruin your life."

Jerry makes an interesting point at the end of his post:

"Incidentally, statistics show that children in foster homes are more than twice as likely to be abused as those in households with their natural parents."

(hat tip: Instapundit)

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