Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do homeschoolers have mascots?

Joanne Jacobs writes about The scariest mascot - lawyers!

I got to wondering, are there homeschoolers who have a school mascot?

We don't. My daughters would probably pick something horse related, or maybe a Star Wars theme.

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Sebastian said...

Unfortunately each child has a different favorite animal, so our mascot would be a scorpion, a cheetah and a lion all standing back to back perched on a stack of books. Think I can get shirts made up?

Activities Coordinator said...

We have a laid back dog and a psychotic cat.

So, I guess we're the CATDOGS?!?

Phil said...

Yes, we actually do have a mascot! Last year, I posted a picture of my son at his desk. In the foreground, on the floor, one of our cats was stretched out in the sunlight. A reader left a comment that our mascot must be "The Napping Cats."

So, we adopted that name and now have a mascot. The cat is only too happy to play the role.

sunniemom said...

My firstborn was not interested in 'naming' our homeschool or having a mascot, but my younger three have named our school Forestdale Academy and they want an eagle for a mascot. They also want T-shirts and letterhead... it's probably not a bad idea, seeing as how it'll cut down on the number of people who interrupt us in public to ask why the kids aren't in school. ;)