Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This is mind boggling

The San Jose Mercury reports that school officials had scheduled to take "12 busloads of students, teachers and community leaders" to "rally on the steps of the Capital."

School officials were going to spend tax money to beg and threaten for more tax money.

Think about that for a minute.

California has one of the highest per student spending rates in the nation. Billions are spent every year to educate children. Right now California is tighting up its budget. But rather than look for ways to more effectively spend the money, the East Side Union High School District wanted to take hundreds of students to Sacramento and intimidate legislators into raising the budget for education.

The students would have been taught a lesson. They would have been taught that when they don't get what they want to raise a fuss and a stink, rather than making do or doing without.

Most of us have budget issues. We don't get to buy everything we want. We have to make sacrifices and hard choices.

East Side Union High School District must think it lives in a different universe where the normal laws of economics don't apply.

I find it mind boggling that school officials thought it was OK to bus students for over two hours to Sacramento to beg for more money.

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Marbel said...

I graduated from a school in that district in 1974. When I had my first child I was still living in that district... and that is what started us on the road to homeschooling. We knew we could not send our child there...

Sebastian said...

A neighbor's school sent home letters petitioning the state legislature for about $1 million to build a new computer lab. The parents were asked to sign them and return them. Students were told that if everyone in the class brought them back signed the teacher would get $100 to spend on classroom materials

Henry Cate said...

"... and that is what started us on the road to homeschooling."

When I read about incidents like this I wonder how many parents will turned to homeschooling. A couple? Maybe a dozen? More? Over time these kinds of incidents, and they happen fairly often, add up.

Many parents in the 70s and 80s turned to homeschooling because of religious reasons.

Now many parents are turning away from the problems with public schools.