Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good News Thursday: 10 Apr 08

Much of the news today is depressing. Newspaper headlines tell us about awful things happening in our neighborhood, at the national level, and around the world. Google News today reports that the Chinese human-rights record spurs Olympic boycott calls and Apparent Tornadoes Hit Texas, Oklahoma.

I am trying something different. I invite you to join with me in focusing on good news. This can be as local as you have planted your garden, or something earth shaking like life discovered on other planets.

If you would like to contribute, in the "Your name" field below put the name of your blog, then in parenthesis include a short summary of the good news. For the "Your URL" field put the link to your post about the good news, use the perma link. Then mention Good News Thursday on your blog.

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Shez said...

I saw this news article and thought it deserved the "good news" title. I can't even begin to imagine surviving for 5 days with no supplies in the icy depths of Canada. Truth be told, I can't imagine even spending a day in such cold. I'm a tropical gal by nature.

Lill said...

We've had a very long, tough, snowy winter here in Maine. This week is the first time we've had warm days and sunshine, so we're really enjoying it. Spring is good news to those of us who still have more snow than clear patches in our yards.

Shine On,

Sebastian said...

I've watched this project unfold through the efforts of several young friends. I think this is such a cool story of what you can accomplish when you aren't afraid to try.

Mrs Hannigan said...

Mine is a bridge between the deep and shallow waters of Hollywood. A Hollywood Marriage that decided not to fail. I hope more stars follow in their footsteps.

christinemm said...

Henry thank you for making me realize that I (and some other HS bloggers) often focus on the negative or are reacting to the negative's in the media. I thought long and hard about something I could say that was worthwhile and I just wrote a long post and submitted it about "Really Knowing My Children". Next week I plan to write and submit the pro's on having children who really know their parents.

Thank you for making me think about posting something all-happy.

In Connecticut we are dealing with a state bill that will regulate all homeschoolers more than it ever has in history. So in CT right now it is not all fun and games. It was good for me to focus on the good stuff in between my activism on this bill which most of the time is 'a downer' for me.